Branch Manager


Iain joined the Society in 2007 as an Assistant Customer Advisor in our Branch Network. Through a lot of hard work and commitment, Iain rose up through the Branch Network, including stints as Branch Manager at our Durham and West Denton branches.

Iain was selected for the Society’s Talent Management Programme in 2014, which involved a series of secondments in various areas of the Society throughout 2014 and 2015, Iain had the opportunity to learn and experience many of the key business areas and provide his own expertise in adding value back to them. 

During the Programme, Iain was successful in gaining promotion to the Branch Manager position in one of our flagship Newcastle city centre branches.

What’s your greatest achievement / rewarding experience here?

I’d say, when I was a Senior Customer Adviser I’d applied for the fairly new Assistant Branch Manager role, which seemed the next logical step. Following an interview, I was offered a secondment to manage a small branch – Durham. After a challenging 3 month trial, which involved having to pretty much build a whole new branch team from scratch, I was secured there permanently as Branch Manager and the following year we were named as the Society’s ‘Branch of the Year’.

What do you like best about working here?

I believe the Society has a good culture, but I also like that the organisation is not too big, and it’s not too small. It’s just the right size to get to know people from around the business and learn how they contribute to the bigger picture. I got a real insight into that and met even more people when I was on the Talent Management Programme. Generally the nature of the people who work for the Society are friendly and helpful, which makes all the difference when you need something answered.

How has the Society helped you develop?

I feel that the Society has definitely looked after me. All through my career here, I’ve worked with management who have listened to my aspirations and supported me get to where I want to me – in fact, getting into management came around much sooner than I had anticipated, and that was partially through others having faith in my capabilities, and bringing out the best in me.

How have you supported the local community/ charities?

It really is in my nature to want to help people, whether they’re friends, colleagues, or customers and I’m glad the Society’s values match my own in this respect. Working in the community is a key theme of working in the branch network, and I’ve been lucky enough to support some great local charities with my branch teams who also have a desire to make a difference to others.

Why did you choose this particular career path?

Newcastle Building Society has been my first “proper” career-type job. I joined the Society 9 years ago when I was 20, as I thought when I was old enough to get a mortgage etc., it would be a good place to start. I gained a lot of experience through the roles I’ve worked in – this has definitely helped me manage others as I can relate to having carried out the role before. Although Finance itself isn’t at the forefront of my interests, I do take pride in supporting others through their development and seeing positive outcomes and progression as a result – much in the same way I’ve been supported throughout my career.