6 Tips to help you protect your home when you go away this year

Heading off on holiday this year? If you are, well lucky you! But it’s important to protect your house while you’re away, making sure you leave everything safe and secure at home before you go. To give you added peace of mind during your break we have put together some top tips for you to follow to help keep your home secure.

1. Lock up and set your alarm

Before you go away, make sure your doors are locked and your windows are secure. Put any keys that are lying around in a safe place, out of sight.

It’s also important to secure your garden. Shut the gates and lock up any sheds and outhouses. Mowing the lawn and tidying the garden before you go will help to keep your home looking lived in. There’ll be no long grass to tip off potential burglars that nobody’s home.

2. Lighting inside and outside your home

Lighting is a great way to create the illusion that someone is home and you can do this by attaching timers to lamps. Set each lamp on a different time schedule to make it more realistic.

Security lighting on the outside of your house can also act as a deterrent for thieves. Before you go away, check that all outside lighting is working.

3. Hide precious items out of sight

It’s likely that you will be leaving some of your valuables at home, so make sure you put them away, so they aren’t visible through a window or by someone glancing around the room during a break in.

4. Don't advertise your absence

You’re excited about going on holiday and it can be tempting to share a smug post on social media, but before you press ‘post’, think about who can see your account. Even if you have privacy settings on your accounts, it may still be possible for people to access your details and see that you’re going on holiday and more importantly, they will know that your house will be empty.

5. Check your insurance policy

Most home insurance policies will cover your house against theft or loss whilst you’re away on holiday, but you should check this before you go away to confirm what is and isn’t covered. It’s also worth checking how long your home will be protected for if you’re planning to be away for more than 60 days.

6. Don't leave your bins out

Wheelie bins left out after rubbish collection day can give the appearance that you’re on holiday or away. Keep your bins in your garden or ask a neighbour to put them away for you after they have been emptied.

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