We Salute You!

When adversity strikes …some great examples of our colleagues supporting our customers and each other - whatever the weather:

Pauline , Chester Le Street who worked her non working days as she was able to walk in to walk and knew her colleagues would struggle to get in. Kerry, who walked 3 miles through snow so Chester Le Street could open.

Julie, who works in Whickham but lives in Consett, and collected a key from a Consett colleague who is off sick and then walked into Consett to open the branch as there were no other key holders.

Helen, who walked 1.5 miles into Hexham so the branch could open.

Sarah, Branch Manager in Chester Le Street who has worked in west Denton whilst Kay supported Whickham.

Financial advisers, Lee and Rachael, who both went to Consett to support the branch.

Mandy (Chester Le Street) has moved between covering Chester Le Street and Consett to help open the doors to provide a service for customers when other colleagues had to travel a distance.

Matt, who travelled daily from Carlisle to Penrith to open the branch, 23 miles in challenging conditions.

Kirsty, who made special arrangements and changed her shifts to enable the branch to open at Penrith.

The branch team at Berwick have struggled through daily to open the branch and only closed when the red warning was looming. Colleagues clubbed together to travel with the assistance of one of their husbands.

The Morpeth team including financial adviser, Beth who followed the snow plough to get to work up the A19. The team travelled together to ensure they all got there safely.

Kay, who has been provided a place to work at Whickham rather than travel to West Denton due to the conditions.

Our head office Mortgage Contact Centre who helped man the phones for branches.

Big thanks to staff at Alnwick branch, especially Greg and Angela who both braved the elements and walked in. 

Great teamwork everybody!