Our Committees

The Board is assisted by a number of committees which are responsible for a wide range of activities. Each has its own terms of reference which are reviewed on an annual basis.

The current members of the Audit Committee, Group Risk Committee, Nominations Committee, and Remuneration Committee are shown below.


Audit Committee

John Morris (chairman)

Anne Shiels

Mick Thompson

Audit Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 396kb)


Group Risk Committee 

Bryce Glover (chairman)

Adam Bennett

David Buffham

John Morris

Ian Ward

Group Risk Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 300kb)


Nominations Committee 

Phil Moorhouse (chairman)

David Buffham

John Morris

Anne Shiels

Nominations Committee Terms of Reference (72kb)


Remuneration Committee

John Morris (chairman)

David Buffham

Karen Ingham

Anne Shiels

Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 304kb)


The following documents can also be viewed below:

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