Case Studies

Could you be a case study?

We are often contacted by media and national press asking about our customers’ experiences when buying a home.

If you are a mortgage customer of ours and you share your story with a journalist we say ‘thank you’ with £100. 

We will give you a ring to find out all about your home buying experience. Then, if the journalist contacts you, you will receive the £100.

What’s involved in being a case study?

Being a case study will involve you talking to a journalist from a national newspaper to go through a few questions around your particular circumstances (nothing too personal and no financial details will be required!).

You may need to have your photo taken as part of the case study as the press generally like to have a face to match the story.


Once you have settled in, all we ask is that you fill in the form below.

We will then give you a ring to find out all about your home buying experience and to clarify and confirm any details collected.

If your story is of interest, the journalist will get in touch with you to talk it through. We will thank you for your time with a £100.

If your story then goes on to feature in the paper, we will make sure we share the coverage with you.

We actively carry out market research based on our customer home-buying experiences. We may contact you, even if you don’t contact us, if we find your story interesting. However if you’re keen to share your story, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the form, or if you have any questions, please email us on

*Please be aware, that you will only receive the £100 if the journalist gets in touch with you*


The details you provide for a case study will be retained by Newcastle Building Society for a maximum of two years before they are destroyed.


Disclaimer: Please note, we accept no liability for any article a journalist prints as a result of your case study as we have no say, input or influence in the content of any article a journalist prints. If you have any concerns about what a journalist may print about you, please raise these concerns with the Corporate Communications Team via the following email -