Our Customer Commitment Charter

Our Charter aims to build upon the core values of our business, and explains clearly the service commitments set out by the Society.

As a mutual, providing the highest level of customer service and a range of products which delivers value to our members, it is of paramount importance.

The values of this charter mirror our own corporate values of mutuality and fairness.


  • We have developed a set of core values for the business which outline how we expect internal and external customers to be treated on an ongoing basis. We are committed to ensuring that we adhere to our values.
  • We will help customers to do business with us in the way which best suits them; by telephone, post, through any of our branches or via the internet.
  • We are committed to helping customers who find themselves in vulnerable circumstances which includes customers with special needs such as visual impairments and other disabilities.
  • We will continue to offer a Mortgage, Savings and Financial Planning Advice Promise, so that customers know their savings, investments and borrowings are in safe hands and they can trust our Financial Planning Service.
  • Before launching any new products or services we will consider the risks from a customer perspective.
  • All of our literature will be written in a way that is clear, fair and not misleading and we will have no hidden charges.
  • We will contact customers at least once a year to provide them with an updated summary of their account. This includes savers who do not have the facility to check savings account details easily themselves.
  • We will act on all complaints and will handle them in a timely and consistent manner.
  • We will do everything we can to ensure customers are fully aware of any commitment they are undertaking with us before they sign up to any terms and conditions.
  • We will proactively encourage customers to tell us how we are doing and we listen to and review all feedback received, acting on this where it is deemed appropriate.