Celebrating Investors In People Platinum

We recently asked our colleagues why they loved working at the Society

In September, we were proud to be awarded the Platinum standard by Investors in People (IIP), the highest status that can be achieved. To help celebrate, we asked our colleagues to share why they loved working at Newcastle Building Society.

Take a look!



“I love the teamwork all across the Society, whether it's within my own team or working on bigger projects.” – Ben

“Throughout the Society we have fantastic teams of people all working together towards a common purpose, and what a great team we have!” – Amy



“Since starting two years ago during my placement year at university, I love how supportive the Society, my team, and colleagues across the organisation have been for me!” – Anisa

“Whether it's with colleagues or customers, we understand how important it is to support the people around us.” – Sean

“I feel there is so much support all around the Society, within my branch team, other branch teams, head office, learning and development opportunities and many more.” – Sean

“Whether it's supporting colleagues, our members or those in our local communities, I'm proud to work for an organisation that actively offers support to help make a real difference” – Jane

“I feel proud to work for such a supportive organisation - whether this is supporting our colleagues to realise their potential, supporting our wellbeing both inside and outside of work or supporting each other as a part of a team” - Karen



“I'm proud to work for an organisation with community at it's core, with colleagues who take pride in doing everything they can to help the communities we serve” – Katie

“I'm proud to work for an organisation that has community at its core. Whether it is our colleagues, customers or clients the organisation brings that community feel, inclusion and togetherness in everything we do.” – Matt



“It's pretty special to work for an organisation that genuinely cares about its people, communities and customers.” – Andrew



“I'm proud to work for an organisation that makes you feel as if you are part of a big family, and supports and understands you.” – Lynne

“The Society understands that people work best when they feel supported, and has been brilliant in helping me achieve a positive work-life balance” - Graeme



“Whether it’s the way we work with our customers or how we grow and support our colleagues, there’s always a sense of togetherness.  It amazes me the lengths our colleagues go to in making sure we’re helping members and making sure people have the right support to thrive.  No matter the topic or the scenario, there’s always a sense that in making space for other’s needs we’re stronger together.” – Erin



“The amazing people we work with day to day and across the business, we are all there to support one another. What a team!” – Abbe

“I am really proud to work for an organisation that truly cares about people. Whether that be the people who work here, our members and clients or our communities, people are always at the heart of what we do which is just fantastic!” – Cheryl



“Given the massive challenges we've faced in 2020, the Society has shown how well as a collective we can adapt to change and show care for colleagues, customers and our community. So many positive stories have occurred which something to be proud of!” – Stephen



“It has never been more important in the current environment that we find ourselves in that we all work together as a team to help our customers and also one another. There have been so many examples of how we have looked to help our members during these strange times. Sticking together and helping one another is the most important thing in these strange times.” – Greg



“Having a purpose that is so clear in everything we do; from how we support our communities, colleagues and clients. It's great to be able to feel challenged by our ambitious strategy to achieve great things in the North East and to do it alongside a fantastic team is even better!” - Stevie



“A year into my role, the opportunity came up to enrol in an apprenticeship that would see me gain a qualification.  I'm nearing completion of my apprenticeship, with a qualification already in the bag, and hopefully an advanced qualification to follow.  I couldn't have done this without the Society showing a bit of faith in me, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity.  The course opened my eyes up to the bigger picture, which helped considerably in my work and has opened doors for me that I wouldn't have considered knocking on without it.” – Helen



“I love the fact that the Society is doing its part in breaking down class barriers and trying to become an accessible employer to people, especially those who have social and economic challenges which is evidenced through our work with the Prince's Trust, NU Futures and the Social Mobility Foundation. We should all be very proud!” – Kirsten



“A genuine personal connection to our Purpose and the commitment of all colleagues to help connect our communities with a better financial future inspires me in my work each day and provides a sense of accomplishment from my role. I am fortunate to be able to work and connect with a fantastic team of colleagues who are equally connected to our purpose and are passionate about the difference that our Society makes to communities in our region.” – Paul



“I am proud to work in a team that shows a very high level of commitment every day. Some examples of how team members demonstrate this is with their care, attention and diligence. They personally set themselves high standards at all times to give their best for the Society.” – Neil



“I feel empowered by the Society and my fantastic team to be brave, bold and realise my full potential.” – Karen



“I'm really proud we're still helping charities and individuals in the North East. In such uncertain times helping others in the community is so rewarding.” - Donna