Proud to support our local LGBTQ+ communities!

Date published - 17th June 2021

This Pride month, we’re so proud to be Pride Radio’s first Community Champions – supporting 19 local community groups helping LGBTQ+ individuals across our region; from providing support, help, advice and education, to offering a safe space for the community.

By joining the campaign, we’ve been able to help share the great work these groups are delivering in our region by sponsoring adverts from each group on Pride Radio to spread the word on the invaluable work they do! With four clusters of groups, and 19 groups in total, take a look at who we’ve helped!


Get Healthy

With an outdoor and health-focussed agenda, these groups help the community get out and about in our region:

  • Newcastle Ravens
  • Newcastle Panthers
  • Newcastle Front Runners
  • Dyke Hikes
  • Outdoor Lads

Get Motivated

These groups provide social groups and safe spaces:

  • Sh-OUT
  • Northern Heart
  • Northern Proud Voices
  • LGBT Northern Social Group

Get Supported

By promoting medical, physical and mental health support, these groups offer advice and services to our communities:

  • Be North East
  • The FED
  • Shine
  • Albert Kennedy Trust

Get Involved

Providing support and education while hosting regional events, these charities provide great opportunity to get involved!

  • Durham Pride
  • Northern Pride
  • Northumberland Pride
  • Sunderland Pride

Find out more on the Pride Radio website.