Our Head Office

Find out more about life in our Head Office.

Our Head Office is located at Cobalt Business Park in North Tyneside.

The site hosts a variety of departments and skill sets and this is where our collaboration comes to life. Our Legal, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance and Contact Centre Teams (to name only a few) are based here along with our Senior Management and Executive teams.

This is where our products are designed, our people are developed and where our customer facing colleagues are supported in providing great service to our members and communities.

You will come very accustomed to having a chat with an exec in the hallways or sharing stories of your development with a member of our Learning & Development team, over lunch in the canteen.

Colleagues have access to local amenities on their doorstep, with a wide range of restaurants, shops and great transport links to make your commute and breaks as enjoyable and productive as possible.

Our Cobalt office also has a free on-site gym, exclusively for the use of our colleagues.

Far from the stuffy head office you might be thinking of, this is a place where we make long lasting relationships and friendships whilst learning new skills and progressing your career.