Head of Operations


Carol is one of the societies Head of Operations with the Society’s wholly owned subsidiary, Newcastle Strategic Solutions. Carol joined the Society in 1990 as a Clerk in the Mortgage Services department, becoming Section Leader little over a year later, she has since been Manager in a number of departments around the Society including secondments to manage key projects.  Carol was promoted to Head of Operations in 2004 with the Society’s first Solutions client. 

With the growth of the Solutions business, Carol’s remit has also grown; Carol now has overall responsibility for over 7 individual operational areas employing over 150 staff.  The Customer Service Centre is one of the fastest growing areas of the Society and Carol has played an integral part in facilitating the success of this key business area be that helping the onboarding of new clients, expanding the department, recruiting and developing excellent customer service centre managers and leading the way in the innovation and improvement of the Customer Service Centre function.

What’s your greatest achievement / rewarding experience here? 

Having the opportunity to join the Society at an entry level job and then work my way up through a variety of roles to my current position.

What do you like best about working here?

The people, variety of work and opportunity to have input and take responsibility.

How has the Society helped you develop?

By providing me with opportunities to try alternative roles during my career which has broadened my skills and knowledge. This has developed me as a result of this.

What would you say to someone that was thinking about a career with the Society?

I would say that it is a growing organisation that presents great opportunities for someone that shows commitment and will work hard.

What’s your best career advice?

Work hard, establish great working relationships, take responsibility for your role and gather as much knowledge and experience along the way.