Our Partnership

Discover our ambitious partnership with the Newcastle United Foundation, including our £1.1m donation to support delivery of their valuable community work

Newcastle Building Society - proud to be Community Partners of the Newcastle United Foundation.

Inspired by our shared passion for the people and potential of the North East, we’ve committed £1.1m to help Newcastle United Foundation deliver their valuable work in the community for the next six years.


A united force for the future

At Newcastle Building Society, our goal is to support communities to reach their potential. We know that now, more than ever, the North East needs to work together to survive and thrive through economic uncertainty. So we’ve partnered with Newcastle United Foundation to make a real difference to the lives of disadvantaged children, young people and families; to help realise the potential of our region.

Our sponsorship will help build a state-of-the-art employment and training hub in the heart of Newcastle. But that’s just the start.

We’re also building confidence, raising aspirations and developing employment skills in the next generation through outreach with thousands of school children, and young people not in education, employment or training.

Together, we’re building the foundations for a brighter financial future for young people, their families, the region and its businesses.


Building a state-of-the-art training centre

We’re delighted to be investing in Newcastle United Foundation’s brand new state-of-the-art community centre, just a goal kick away from St James’ Park. The centre will provide young people with access to sports, health and employment programmes, run by Newcastle United Foundation’s award-winning education team.

Find out more about NUCASTLE powered by Newcastle Building Society.


Building a brighter future for all

But our partnership is about more than bricks-and-mortar. Bringing together expertise, energy and resources from both organisations, we hope to make a lasting impact on the communities we live and work in.

Our partnership with Newcastle United Foundation will build:

  • The confidence and capability of our region’s young people, helping them work towards a fulfilling career
  • The employability and aspirations of people not in education, employment or training
  • A future-ready talent pool for North East employers
  • A stronger economy for the region

Our £1.1m partnership with Newcastle United Foundation will help break the cycle of low aspiration and long-term unemployment that can hold communities back. It will lift people out of poverty and empower them to build a better future.

By supporting young and excluded people to enter the employment market with the skills and confidence for success, we’re not only helping them as individuals. We’re helping employers build a talented workforce, reduce unemployment and stimulate economic growth.

Explore NUCASTLE powered by Newcastle Building Society.