Yasmina Magdy, Rising Star award winner

Yasmina, 24, from Whitley Bay, struggled with intense anxiety that was preventing her from living a fulfilling life.

“Life felt like swings and roundabouts. When something went well, I felt brilliant. But when anything went wrong, it completely shattered my confidence and I felt useless at everything.‎

“My anxiety became really restrictive after my GCSEs – the gap between them and A Levels seemed huge and, on top of a relationship breakup, my confidence just evaporated.”

Unsure what direction her life was going in, Yasmina enrolled on Team, a programme from The Prince’s Trust that builds the confidence and employability skills of unemployed young people.

“Team was a massive pick-me-up. I moved to London to study fashion journalism afterwards, but it was a completely different world and I couldn't handle it. So I went home and enrolled on Team again before going to university. But confidence issues put an end to that, too.”

Deflated and uninspired, Yasmina packed her bags and returned home. 

“People need to talk about mental health more. If I had, maybe things would have been different. But, back then, my anxiety was destroying any chance I had of a life.” 

It was that realisation that prompted Yasmina to seek professional help. She was prescribed medication and, after a year of unemployment, she felt ready to tackle life again.

“I looked online for work-related courses, came across Get into Airport Services, and applied.”

Get into Airport Services is a programme from The Prince’s Trust, delivered in partnership with London Luton Airport and The Launch Group, that gives unemployed young people the hands-on skills they need to find work in the sector.

“I experienced many ups and downs on the course but refused to give in.

“Goodness knows where I’d be if it wasn't for The Trust. Thanks to them I felt able to face the world, and I realised that it’s ok to feel low and that, when I do, I won’t feel that way forever. Knowing that is the key to happiness.”

Yasmina is currently enrolled on a part-time Teaching Assistant course and hopes to become a qualified Teaching Assistant.  She is also working part-time as a Customer Services Advisor in Argos to support herself financially over the Christmas period.