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How can I withdraw from my account? Who will the cheque be made payable to? How long does it take to transfer funds to my nominated bank account? Do you offer a faster payment facility? Do you offer a CHAPS facility? What are the bank account details that I need to use for funding the account? What is Confirmation of Payee? Can I send in a cheque to fund my account? Can I change from a single to a joint account? Can I change from a joint to a single account? Can you send correspondence to another address? I have changed address, what do I need to do? I’ve recently got married, what do I need to do to change my account details? How can I change my e-mail address? When will I start to earn interest on my account? When will you inform me of rate changes? Can I change from monthly to annual interest (or vice versa)? Is it possible to receive my interest by cheque? Can I change the bank account I have setup for interest payments? Why do companies check identity? Will the identity search affect my credit history? What happens after I have applied for an account online? Why am I being asked to provide certain information about myself and my tax residence status I have submitted my application online; can I cancel as I have changed my mind? Am I able to transfer funds from my building society account to a bank account? What is the maximum withdrawal I can make in branch? Will I need to take identification with me when I want to make a withdrawal in a branch? Is there a charge for cheque withdrawals? Who do I make the cheque payable to? How long will it take for my cheque to clear? Do I have to come into branch to make a withdrawal? Can I have an interest statement for my account? Can I make a withdrawal without my passbook? Is it possible for somebody else other than account holders to transact on my account on my behalf? Following a third party withdrawal, why does the cheque need to be sent in the post? What if my passbook/card is lost or stolen? Can I pay bills from my account? Can I have money paid into my account? Where can I find help on using my online Newcastle Building Society Savings account? Why doesn’t the Society tell all customers about new accounts that pay a higher rate? Why are Newcastle Building Society interest rates lower than other providers?