Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions regarding our mortgages. For more information please contact us.

What is the maximum percentage of the purchase price that you would advance? When will I incur Early Repayment Charges (ERCs)? What is a payment holiday? What is a mortgage payment deferral? How long will it take to get a mortgage offer from Newcastle Building Society? When will the valuation be instructed? Mortgage payment deferrals and coronavirus (COVID-19) How do ‘payment holidays’ work? How much can I overpay? How do you calculate how much I / we can borrow? What information is required to support a mortgage application? What is a Discharge Fee and how much is it? Will I be eligible for a payment holiday? Is a mortgage payment deferral the right option for me? Why do you ask for more information in relation to my application after I have supplied everything you have asked for? If my mortgage application is cancelled will I get a refund for the fees I have paid? How will this impact my future mortgage payments? Will all customers receive an automatic three-month payment holiday? Can I select a date other than the four dates you offer for my mortgage payments to be taken from my account? Do you have a minimum purchase price for property? What is the maximum term over which I can take my mortgage? How can I find out what my mortgage balance is? How do I apply? Alternatives to a mortgage payment deferral If you're in arrears or struggling to pay your mortgage How long will it take to process my application? I would like to repay my mortgage. How would I do this? Why do the Society require a "consent to mortgage" form to be signed by anyone over 17 years of age, who will be residing in the mortgaged property but not party to the mortgage? What is Daily Interest? How can I see a copy of my deeds? If I take a payment holiday what will happen to my credit score? Debt help and money guidance How do I apply for a mortgage payment deferral? What happens if I am already in arrears? Can I change my Insurance provider? I want to make a change to my mortgage. How do I go about doing this? Can I apply for a Newcastle Building Society mortgage online? What if I don’t own my property but rent instead? What happens when my Mortgage Payment deferral ends? Repossessions/Legal action Do the announcements apply across the UK? Does Newcastle Building Society offer Buy to Let mortgages? If I move home during the term of my scheme can I transfer this to my new home? I am thinking about letting my property. How do I go about doing this? But you are only offering a short-term measure – what if I am a customer who is likely to need support longer term or help to recover to my previous position after the payment holiday expires? Can I have a payment break? How long does a mortgage interview take? What documents should I have ready for the mortgage interview? I have an endowment policy maturing soon. What should I do? What if my endowment is likely to have a shortfall and won’t be enough to repay my mortgage? What happens if the mortgage term is coming to an end and you are unable to pay?