Financial Advice Awareness Week

To celebrate the opening of our new Financial Advice Centres in the heart of Newcastle, and to help you get to grips with financial matters, we’ve created Financial Advice Awareness week.

We’ve recently commissioned a survey to investigate people’s attitude towards money. Whilst the results showed 40 per cent of those surveyed were busy “Squirrels” saving for the future, 11 per cent were “Sheep”, happy to follow the crowd, 8 per cent were “Rabbits” in the headlights not knowing where to turn and 7 per cent were “Ostriches” with their heads in the sand.

It’s apparent that some people just don’t fully understand financial matters with a fifth of those surveyed saying they find talking about their finances uncomfortable and 12 per cent finding finances confusing. Newcastle Building Society wants to make face to face financial advice accessible, affordable and approachable to everyone through its wholly owned subsidiary Newcastle Financial Advisers.


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