Protecting your home and family in stormy weather

In 2016 the weather has so far been plagued by strong winds and cold conditions across many parts of the country. There are certain practical steps that you can take to protect your home and family from winter weather.

In the home

  • Make sure your elderly relatives or neighbours are prepared with extra food and blankets to keep them warm
  • Keep curtains and blinds shut, to help prevent heat loss through your windows
  • If you are planning a trip away, set your heating on low and keep your internal doors open to minimise the risks of tanks and pipes bursting through freezing
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers in a safe place. For example a local plumber and electrician
  • Keep all vital and sentimental documents upstairs in case of flooding – along with your insurance documents, in a plastic bag.

In the garden

  • Tie down items in the garden that could blow away – i.e. your garden table or child’s swing
  • Trim the trees around your house that could pose a threat by falling or hitting your home
  • Use a bungee cord to secure your rubbish bins together or to a fence to prevent them from being blown around
  • Grit the paths in your garden to help prevent accidents and falls
  • Check your roof for missing, cracked or dislodged tiles.

Out and about

  • Keep your car in the garage when it’s not in use
  • Take care when getting in and out of your car
  • Take it slow when out and about in your car; expect sudden gusts at anytime, especially on exposed roads
  • Watch out for debris on the roads, hitting a large branch at speed could be fatal.

Don’t forget to make sure you have adequate, up-to-date insurance cover.

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