Baby nursery ideas on a budget

Finding out that you’re expecting is an exciting time, but let’s face it, having a baby is expensive! Decorating the nursery is a lovely step that turns your couple’s pad into a family home, but that doesn’t mean you need to go overboard. There are ways to create a bespoke room for your baby on a budget. Here are six simple steps to turn any room into a nursery without breaking the bank.

Keep it simple

This means paint instead of wallpaper. If you have your heart set on a theme you can still create this with paint and colour. For example, a nautical theme can easily be achieved with blue and white paint rather than expensive patterned wallpaper. Remember that neutral themes and light colours will last longer. You can always add colour elsewhere in the room. If you do have a theme, don’t go overboard. A few well placed patterns and accessories will pull it all together.

Get artistic

You can create a centrepiece on one wall using paint or framed designs. Simply print your favourite motifs, or design your own, stick them to some cardboard and paint them onto the wall yourself. Or, print your favourite photos, characters or fun designs and frame them. You could even create your own or ask older children to paint pictures for your new baby that you can frame as a personal touch. Painting initials or names adds a personal touch and won’t cost a penny.

Think long term

Your little one won’t stay little for very long and it’s important you create a nursery that can grow with your child. A child friendly paint job can be covered up but fixtures, fittings and furniture should be purchased with longevity in mind. You need to be able to turn the room from nursery to playroom to bedroom easily and cheaply. Design your nursery with this in mind and you could get a lot more for your money.

What you want vs what baby needs

Resist the temptation to buy every gadget and specially designed bedding or chair that catches your eye. Baby aisles and stores are swimming with the latest must haves, and themed sets that you need every matching piece for can be expensive. Make a list of what the baby will actually need and set a budget to buy it. Once you’ve bought the necessities you can decide if you can afford those extras. If you’re lucky you might even be given some of them as gifts.

Upcycle your furniture

The main costs of your nursery will be the furniture, particularly the crib. Don’t feel that you need completely brand new pieces. Barely used nursery furniture is not too hard to find, babies don’t stay babies for long after all. Ask family and friends if they know of anyone due to outgrow their crib or check online auction sites. The same goes for other bits of furniture or use any that you already have available. Sand them down and paint them. Add a changing mat to a dresser top to double as a changing table and add some sturdy cushions to a vintage armchair rather than buying a glider. Cover lampshades, dye a rug or cushion covers.

DIY storage

If you find you need extra storage, paint bins or buckets and stick them to the wall. Plastic storage is cheap and can easily be rolled away and hidden underneath other furniture. Woven baskets can be purchased in pretty colours and filled with toys and stuffed animals or even nappies and baby wipes.

Once you’re ready for baby to arrive you could put the money you’ve saved on their nursery towards starting a nest egg for their future.

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