Top tips for student safety

Watching your son or daughter leave for university can bring a whole new world of worries to you. Whilst they are planning their new independent life you are left wondering if they are really ready to fly the nest and the meet the challenges they might face.

It is only natural for parents to worry when one of their children leaves home for the first time, especially if they move to a new city they are unfamiliar with. Students are often seen as high risk when it comes to theft as they tend to own plenty of items which are attractive to thieves and are often too busy having fun to have safety or security at the forefront of their minds. But by taking simple measures, like making sure they keep their purse or wallet hidden while out and about or ensuring they lock the front door they can reduce their risk of theft.

Top tips for student safety

  • Take your valuable items home when you leave your student accommodation to return home for the weekend or holiday leave.
  • At night be careful in alleys near popular night clubs, especially if you don't know the area very well. Always stay in well lit areas and try to stay in a group.
  • Be careful getting in black taxi cabs that may appear licensed but aren't. To prevent this from happening keep a familiar taxi company's phone number saved in your mobile and always try to get the car number before you get in.
  • On your first few weeks at university be careful who you trust. You may think your new "Fresher" friends are great fun but until you know them, try not to rely on them getting you home and keeping you safe if you have one too many to drink at the student union.
  • Don't walk home late at night with your earphones in/headphones on - make sure you are aware of your surroundings.
  • Don't leave your drink (in bars/clubs) unattended / don't accept drinks from people you don't know.

Does your home insurance policy cover your son/daughter while they are at university?

Our home Insurance is provided and underwritten by Legal and General Insurance. If you currently have an Extra policy through the Society then you are already covered for contents which are temporarily removed from your home - provided it is the intention for the items to be returned. Where items are removed to alternative accommodation, while attending full-time education, cover is provided up to £5,000 in total or £1,000 for a single article, pair or set. Limitations and exclusions apply.

No cover is available under our Essentials policy. If cover is also required for personal property away from the home these can be insured under our optional Personal Possessions cover for an additional charge.

For full product details please refer to the policy booklets that can be found in our home insurance section of the website.

To help you check how much cover you need for your child whilst they are away at university we have created a handy download to help you add up all their possessions.

Please note: If the total cost of the items they are taking to the university with them is more than £5000, Personal Possessions cover should be considered