Building and Contents Sums Insured

Newcastle Building Society home insurance cover is provided and underwritten by Legal & General and is different compared to some other insurance providers. Instead of offering unlimited cover for your buildings and/or contents insurance we estimate the sum insured to suit your personal situation and needs

What is Sum Insured?

We realise this might not always be right for your circumstances as you could end up paying for more cover than you need. Instead, for most people we'll estimate your sum insured based on the details you provide during the application process.

How is the sum insured calculated?

We base the estimate sums insured on the information you provide us with in the online quote builder.

  • The type of cover you want – Contents and/or buildings insurance
  • The personal details you provide in your application
  • The property details provided in the application

Our online quote builder will use all the information given in the application process to estimate a level of cover for you. You can then choose to accept the level of cover or increase it if you feel you need more. If you have a property that is not classed as standard, for example it has more than five bedrooms, we will not be able to estimate your level of sum insured and so you will need to choose a suitable amount yourself.

Please Note

The sums insured we recommend to each application is an estimate and on some occasions may not give you sufficient cover. If you are not fully covered and need to make a claim there’s a chance you may not receive the full amount.

How can you check your sum insured limits?

The Association of British Insurers rebuilding cost calculator will help you check you have adequate buildings cover. It's a free tool but you'll need to register first to use it.

If your property does not fit the criteria for the rebuilding cost calculator, then you can seek the advice of a chartered surveyor. The chartered surveyor will then be able to provide you with an estimate of the costs to rebuild it.

If you visit the RICS website they offer a quick search to find a chartered surveyor in your area

Buildings and contents insurance is arranged by Newcastle Building Society and provided and underwritten by Legal & General Insurance Limited.