Moving Day Hints and Tips

The big day has finally arrived - the keys are in your hands, and it's time to move into your lovely new home! Moving day can be hectic, whether you're a first time buyer or you're moving home again, but we're here to help you make it less stressful. Below are our essential hints and packing tips for moving house, so you can soon be enjoying your home after all of that hard work.

1. Ask for a hand (or two)

The best way to move house efficiently is to ask for some extra pairs of hands - the more people you have to help you move, the lighter and faster work it will be. Depending on how much furniture you have, you may need to consider hiring a removal company to move your belongings.

2. Count your boxes

Before moving begins, number and count your boxes of belongings, and then re-count them when they arrive at your new address to ensure you have them all.

3. Take meter readings

Don't forget to take gas, electricity and water (if applicable) meter readings from both your old and new addresses to give to your energy suppliers after you have moved. You may find it helpful to make a moving out checklist with spaces for your meter readings from your old property, so that you don't remember after you have already locked the door!

4. Check your old property

After your boxes and belongings have been loaded into your cars or removal van, do a thorough check of your old house to ensure that you haven't left anything behind (especially in cupboards or the garage), that all doors are locked and windows are closed, and that the place is clean and tidy for the new residents.

5. Leave or drop off your keys

When leaving your old property for the last time, leave your keys in the arranged place or drop them off promptly at the agreed location to ensure there are no hold-ups for the next residents.

6. Set up your bedroom first

When you and your belongings arrive at your new home, make it your priority to make the beds and hang the bedroom curtains as soon as you can. By the end of moving day, you will be exhausted and grateful that your bedroom is ready for you to relax in!

7. Just unpack the essentials

Don't try to do all of your unpacking on the first day in your new home. When packing, it's a good idea to keep the essentials that you'll need straight away, such as your toothbrushes, a change of clothing and bedding (plus perhaps your cutlery, kettle, teabags and mugs!) together in one or two boxes, making it easier to unpack those first. As long as you have somewhere comfortable to sit and sleep, and something to eat and drink, everything else can wait.

For more advice on how to pack for a move, and other essential moving house tips, take a look at our guide to preparing for moving day. It includes a countdown to the move to help you get organised in the weeks and days ahead, to ensure your move to your new home goes smoothly.

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