First Home Savings Account

Introducing a regular savings account that offers a cash bonus of up to £1,000, after successfully saving for and should you decide to complete a mortgage with the Newcastle, helping you with the costs involved in buying your first home. 

First Home Saver

The Newcastle First Home Saver rewards first time buyers by providing a cashback when you take out a mortgage with the Newcastle.

The more you save in the Newcastle First Home Saver, the more cashback you can earn, up to a maximum of £1,000 if your mortgage with the Society is £200,000 or more, this is illustrated in the table below.

Newcastle First Home Saver/   ISA savings balance Newcastle Building Society mortgage loan amount Cash reward
£5,000 - £9,999.99 £75,000 + £500
£10,000+ £75,000 - £149,999.99 £500
£150,000 - £199,999.99 £750
£200,000+ £1,000

CustomISA with Newcastle First Home ISA

Under the ISA rules you are not permitted to open more than one ISA in each tax-year, however, with our CustomISA facility, you're no longer tied to a single ISA product. This means you can save and take advantage of the full ISA allowance. The Newcastle First Home ISA has been designed to be used alongside the Newcastle Help to Buy: ISA calculator, to help you through the house buying process even more quickly.

How CustomISA works for me

For example, if you can afford to save £400 a month, you can save £200 in the Newcastle Help to Buy: ISA and £200 in the Newcastle First Home Saver, the table below shows what your government bonus and Society cashback could be by doing this. If you saved this amount over 3 years you will earn the government bonus of £1,800 and in addition, you may be entitled to a cashback of £500.

  Newcastle Help to Buy: ISA balance Government Bonus Newcastle First Home ISA balance Society Cashback
After 1 year £2,400 £600 £2,400 £0
After 2 years £4,800 £1,200 £4,800 £0
After 3 years £7,200 £1,800 £7,200 £500*
After 4 years £9,600 £2,400 £9,600 £500*
After 5 years £12,000 £3,000 £12,000 Up to £1,000*

*Newcastle First Home Saver cashback is based on saving for a minimum 12 months and other criteria.