Our Savings Promise

Through our Savings Promise, we aim to ensure that we keep you informed of any changes to our products and services on a regular basis.

Our savings promise is delivered in a number of ways.

Keeping customers informed

We inform all of our customers of any interest rate changes, via national and regional newspapers (typically Daily Express, The Times, and The Journal). In addition we will produce branch posters and publish the current rates on our website.

Customers can request a copy of our current rates leaflet at any time or view these on our website.

We also write to our investors who do not possess a passbook/passcard or internet account annually and provide them with a full statement of their account(s).

We will contact a customer prior to them reaching the end of a fixed rate investment term to confirm the new rates and inform them of our full range of alternative investment products available.

We also operate an email Priority Register Service, so that customers can learn about new products and services before the general public. From time-to-time we also launch best buy products, which we also promote via our email Priority Register Service.

We provide information on our full range of products and services

We publish literature on all products and services and these are reviewed and kept up to date on a regular basis. A range of useful guides are also published on our website, for example 'Your guide to ISAs', to help to explain some of the more complicated subjects.

Obsolete accounts

We do have obsolete accounts in existence but we are committed to reducing the volume of such accounts over time, to make our portfolio easier to understand.

Interest calculations

Interest is calculated on a daily basis across all accounts. If interest rates do change, then we will inform customers of the change(s). Please refer to 'Keeping customers informed' section above.

Whenever customers make a deposit by cheque we will pay interest after second working day following receipt.

Right to cancel

If a customer changes their mind within 14 days of the initial investment, they can change to either another current issue Newcastle Building Society account or we will give them a full refund with interest.

For more information; please view our Customer Charter