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Win up to £5,000

Want to kick start your savings this year? With the My Newcastle Saver 2022 account you can set your savings goal for the year. If you reach your goal and your savings are in your account on 30th December 2022 we’ll enter you into a prize draw to double it!

The more you save, the more you could win

You can open a My Newcastle Saver 2022 account online (postcode restrictions apply) or in one of our branches with as little as £1. When you open your account you’ll be asked to set a savings goal for the year, giving you something to aim for, which can be really helpful to keep motivated. When thinking what your goal could be, it’s important to consider what’s achievable and how you could maximise your savings, as the higher you set your savings goal, the more you could win if you were one of the lucky winners in the prize draw.


Gross PA/AER*

My Newcastle Saver 2022

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How does the prize draw work?

To be entered into the prize draw you will need to have:

  • Achieved your savings goal of up to £5,000 by 30th December 2022. The balance in the account at 30th December 2022 must be at least in line with your savings goal, up to a maximum of £5,000
  • Made at least three deposits into the My Newcastle Saver 2022 prior to 30th December 2022.

Any money transferred from other Newcastle Building Society accounts will not count towards the number of deposits for your prize draw entry or as a contribution to your goal amount.

The prize draw will take place in January 2023, with ten lucky customers winning their own savings goal. For full terms and conditions please click here. You can also view the My Newcastle Saver 2022 terms and conditions here and Savings general terms and conditions here.

Top tips to help you achieve your 2022 savings goal

There are a number of steps you can take to help you on your savings journey, here’s just a few to get you started:

Set a savings goal

Savers who set themselves a goal are more likely to achieve it. In setting a goal, be realistic about how much you are able to save and set smaller milestones on your way to help you stay on track to achieving your overall goal.

Budget to help on your savings journey

Beginning to save will mean you’ll need to know where your money is being spent each month, how much your income is, what you need for essential payments and how much you can save. There are many free online budget planners available to help you with this.

Save money on pay day

Make paying money into your savings account one of the first spends you make each month. Saving money on pay day helps develop a savings habit and boosts your savings, ensuring you have saved money in that month.

Why not consider setting up a regular standing order from your current account for this?

Separate your savings pot from your current account

Once your funds have been moved to your savings pot, you may be less likely to dip into them. Think ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

Review your household bills and cancel any subscriptions you don’t need

Looking at how much you are spending on household bills, groceries, travel and eating out will help you spot opportunities where you could cut back on any non-essentials and shop around for new provider deals.

Frequently asked questions

Can customers hold the My Newcastle Saver 2022 as a joint account?

This account can be held in a single name or joint names.  If the account is held in joint names, one entry will be made on behalf of all account holders.

Can I amend my goal once I have opened my account?

No. The savings goal you have set cannot be amended throughout the year.

If I achieve my goal and subsequently withdraw my funds am I still eligible to qualify for the free prize draw?

The balance in the account at 30th December 2022 must be at least in line with the savings goal set in order to meet the criteria to be entered into the free prize draw.

Will transfers in to the product from other Newcastle Building Society accounts count as deposits?

No, any transfers in to the product from other Newcastle Building Society accounts will not count towards your savings goal or as a deposit to meet the criteria of the prize draw.

I’ve saved more than my savings goal, am I eligible to win more?

No. The amount you are eligible to win is the savings goal you have set for yourself, up to a maximum of £5,000, subject to meeting the requirements of the prize draw.

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* Gross PA/AER
'Gross' interest is the contractual rate of interest payable. 'AER' stands for the Annual Equivalent Rate, a notional rate which illustrates what the interest rate would be if paid and compounded on an annual basis.