How We Protect You

The safety of our customers, colleagues and communities is very important to us.

Here’s some of the ways we protect you;

  • Our dedicated Financial Crime team, customer advisors and cashiers monitor account activity for indicators suggesting someone has gained access to your account (account takeover) or opened a fraudulent account and can look to delay account opening/transactions or freeze the account where necessary.
  • We’ll notify you of changes to your details including address, nominated bank account and email address
  • Only one nominated account is permitted to transfer funds to/from
  • Account opening documents will only be posted to your verified residential address, and certain change requests (i.e. change to nominated bank account) will be verified by sending a code to registered correspondence address



  • Financial institutions and the police will never ask you to; transfer funds to a new account for security reasons, contact you and ask you to divulge personal information, hand over your PIN/cards/goods/cash
  • If someone contacts you requesting you transfer money, terminate the call and ensure the call is disconnected (ring a friend/relative to ensure the line is free or use a different telephone number) and contact your Bank/Building Society or the police to report it and get further advice
  • Ensure your contact details are up to date so we’re able to notify you as quickly as possible of any profile or nominated bank account changes
  • Let us know immediately if you believe something on your Newcastle Building Society account has been changed without your authority
  • Fraudsters use very convincing techniques to access your funds and personal information. If in doubt, ask us first by contacting us directly!
  • We will never email you to request personal information via email, transfer funds for a security reason or ask you for your full password or memorable details
  • If an offer seems too good to be true, it often is! Be suspicious of deals that appear unexpectedly, and don’t agree to anything immediately. If you are offered a deal by someone claiming to be from your bank or building society then it is always best to contact them via the contact information on their website. Similarly, you can also contact the police and/or Action Fraud etc.