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With the rising cost of energy and the growing importance of creating more sustainable homes, homeowners are looking more at the power their home appliances need to run.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, if you're in need of a new washing machine or cooker, it may be time to replace them with more energy efficient appliances to help save the planet, as well as a bit of money too.

What are energy efficient appliances?

Energy efficient appliances are the ones that use less energy to provide the same service we require.

Appliances are measured by a European Standard rating that calculates how energy efficient they are on a scale from G up to A. Energy efficient appliances are the ones that sit at the top of the scale in green, with a rating of grade A. Appliances were previously rated from G to A+++, but ratings have been revised recently to make choosing energy efficient appliances easier.

How to choose the right appliances

Check the energy label
Checking the energy label is the easiest way to ensure you’re choosing energy efficient appliances. You need to opt for those rated in green on their energy label, these are grades C and above.

Choose the right size appliances
Making sure you only buy the size you need, taking into consideration whether you live on your own, or with others, will help you be more energy efficient. Buying appliances bigger than needed can cause wastage and use up unnecessary energy.

How can these appliances help the environment?

Climate change is caused by the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. To get the energy we require to run our homes, currently the majority of homes in the UK use fossil fuels which releases unwanted greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This means the less energy we require, the fewer carbon emissions produced.

Energy efficient appliances minimise the impact we have on the environment.

What are some energy efficient appliances?

With advanced technology, you can now buy energy efficient appliances to use less energy, such as:

  • Washing machines: energy efficient washing machines or eco-mode will use less water and can help save on the water bill
  • Refrigerators: turning your fridge off is never possible if you want your food fresh so opting for an energy efficient refrigerator could make a significant difference to your home’s daily energy usage
  • Tumble dryers: opting to hang your clothes outdoors is the most environmentally friendly method, however, this isn’t always the most efficient for everyone. Energy efficient tumble dryers typically recycle heat, saving as much energy as possible
  • Dishwashers: eco-friendly dishwashers use up less water, requiring fewer resources to run

Are energy efficient appliances worth it?

Data shows an increasing trend of energy efficient appliances being bought in the UK, but with an increased upfront cost, are they worth it?

The benefits of energy efficient appliances:

Energy saving

An obvious benefit of choosing energy efficient appliances is that they require less energy to do their job. This not only reduces our contribution to climate change it also brings down the cost of your energy bill each month.

Reduce carbon footprint

The less energy you use, the fewer carbon emissions you cause to be released into the atmosphere. Making more conscious choices about the appliances you use helps you to be more environmentally responsible and leave a more positive impact on the world around you.

Save money    

After the initial outlay, buying more energy efficient appliances should save money in the long term. As less energy is being utilised to run the appliances, this keeps the usage low and helps save money along the way towards a more eco-friendly future.

If you’re looking for other ways to give your home an eco-friendly makeover, take a look at our article on how to make your home more energy efficient.

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