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Climate change is a global issue. The burning of fossil fuels such as oil and gas results in temperatures rising around the world, severe weather events, depletion of natural resources and an increase in sea levels due to glaciers and ice caps melting.

How will climate change affect the UK?

Temperatures risingClimate change will mean warmer winters in the UK as temperatures rise. Heatwaves will happen more often and white winters will be less frequent.
Severe weather eventsScientists have forecasted climate change will result in more severe weather in the UK including heatwaves, droughts, flooding and high winds.
Depletion of natural resourcesOur increasing consumption of natural raw materials such as trees, water, land, gas and oil means that climate change will continue to warm the earth at a rate that is considered dangerous for human, animal and plant life. Equally, these resources will become depleted if we do not slow our consumption as the planet’s natural materials aren’t infinite.
Rising oceans and eroding coastlinesAs global warming continues to melt the ice caps and glaciers, more water flows into the oceans causing sea levels to rise. As an island, the UK will see the detrimental effects of this with coastlines eroding and coastal towns eventually being affected by frequent flooding or cliffside erosion.
WildlifeChanging weather patterns will have a huge impact on the wildlife and ecosystems around the world and in the UK. Warmer temperatures will alter the behaviour of wildlife that in turn will affect the food chain, habitats and reproduction which may lead to more species becoming extinct.
FarmingChanges to the environment will directly affect both animal and crop agriculture as both rely heavily on seasons and weather. As the seasons alter, the types of crops that can be grown in the UK will change, while some crop types may not be able to adapt to the change in environment.

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