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How you are spending your money may have changed drastically over recent months. Whether you're wanting to start to put a little bit away or have a savings goal in mind, we could all do with making some simple changes. 

To help support you on your savings journey, take a look at our top five tips to get you started.

Set a savings goal

Savers who set themselves a goal are more likely to achieve it. In setting a goal, be realistic about how much you are able to save over a specific timeline. You can also set smaller milestones which will help you track your progress, celebrating the little wins to keep you motivated.

Budget to help on your savings journey

Beginning to save will mean you’ll need to know where your money is being spent each month, how much your income is, what you need for essential payments and how much you can save. There are many free online budget planners available to help you with this.

Separate your savings pot from your current account

Once your funds have been moved to your savings pot, you may be less likely to dip into them, think ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

Save money on pay day

Make paying money into your savings account one of the first spends you make each month. Saving money on pay day helps develop a savings habit and boosts your savings, ensuring you have saved money in that month. Why not consider setting up a regular standing order from your current account for this?

Review your household bills and cancel any subscriptions you don’t need

Looking at how much you are spending on household bills, groceries, travel and eating out will help you spot opportunities to cut back. Try to look for any recurring non-essential purchases, and shop around for new provider deals to ensure you’re not overspending unnecessarily.

Savings accounts for first time buyers

We know that buying your first home can be a challenge, which is why we offer a choice of savings accounts for first time buyers, like you; helping to make your home-ownership goals a reality.

Our mobile savings app

We understand how handy it is to be able to access your online savings account information on the go. Our mobile app offers a quick and easy way to access your online account wherever you are. 

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Our lines are open Monday to Friday from 8am - 6pm. We're closed on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

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