Buying my first home

Buying your first home can be a daunting process. But, with the right help and advice along the way you can make the process smooth and as stress free as possible.

We spoke to one of our first time buyers, Christie Edge, 26, to find out about her experience and what buying her first home was really like, here's what she said.

"I was very keen on buying my first home but I was really disheartened as the first three houses I planned to buy all fell through. I'd saved a portion of my salary every month for around a year in the Newcastle's First Home Saver account so I was well prepared to find my dream home.

So, when I went to Newcastle Building Society I was delighted when my mortgage adviser helped me to be more positive about the situation. The process of applying for and securing the mortgage was made simple and easy. Regular contact meant I was kept up to date on progress too.

I was given some brilliant advice by my mortgage adviser at the Newcastle who was very friendly, knowledgeable and really helpful. She told me to consider using some of my deposit to pay off a car loan that I paid on a monthly basis. This meant I could borrow more and possibly gain an even nicer home.

I was pleasantly surprised at how stress-free the home buying process can be. I was told before it started that buying your home was a really scary process, but this wasn't the case at all for me; it was simple and easy. My solicitor and mortgage advisor kept me updated regularly so I felt like I was in control, which is very important when going through this process especially for the first time.

The best advice I would give to anyone about to embark on purchasing their first home is to take your time. There is often no rush and don't forget about the expense that can be added on top of the deposit, such as survey fee and solicitor's charges.

But above all, 'if it's not meant to be its not meant to be'. That's what I was told by my family and friends and it was so true for me as I now own a house that I never thought would be possible for my first home."