Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Every year we invite members to take part in our Annual General Meeting (AGM). It gives our members the opportunity to have their say and vote on a range of matters.

Your chance to have your say

As a mutual building society – it is vital to remember that we are owned by our members (our valued savings and mortgage customers) – and every member has the right to have their say.

The AGM provides a chance for members to have their say as it provides the opportunity to vote on how we conduct our business, including electing the board of directors. It also provides a useful opportunity to update members on other activities, such as the valuable work carried out in the local community.

During March, members are sent their Annual General Meeting voting packs, either via post or email. We encourage all eligible members to vote and help determine the future of the Society.

Voting is easy

We’ve made it as simple as possible for members to vote, once packs have been delivered, members can choose from one of the following options:

  • Voting online
  • Voting via Freepost
  • Voting in person at the AGM

We value each and every one of our members and look forward to receiving your votes.