5 easy ways to customise your garden on a budget

The weather is slowly getting warmer, summer is on the way and chances are you’re looking forward to spending more time outdoors. If your garden is looking tired and in need of a makeover before the sunny season arrives, fear not - there are ways to create a space you actually want to spend time in without spending money you don’t have.

Take a look at our top tips for customising your garden below.

Create a focal point - Whether it’s a seating and dining area or water feature, decide what it is you want everyone to look at and focus on that rather than the whole garden. Concentrating your budget on one main area means you can afford to make more of the space and find easy and cheaper ways to improve the rest of your outdoor area.

Spring clean - Clean your decking or concrete surfaces using a power washer, remove weeds and dead leaves. Any tired looking metal furniture you can’t afford to replace can be drastically improved with a lick of outdoor paint. You can even buy spray paint with special effects to make it stand out even more. Sand down and paint any wooden furniture, such as benches, sheds and fences. You don’t need to stick with boring colours for these either! The same goes for any plant pots which you’re bored of – these can be expensive to replace.

Health check your lawn and soil - Weed often, edge the lawn, keep it fertilised and add mulch to your soil. It’s fairly easy even if you’re not so green fingered but it encourages growth and helps to tidy up the overall appearance of your garden.

Group your plants - If you have fairly bare flowerbeds, pick two or three plants and create bigger groups of them in your garden. It can be more cost effective than to try and plant a large variety of flowers in an intricate design. It could be cheaper again if you have any keen gardeners in your family or friends. Ask them for cuttings and plant these. Be aware that not all plants grow from cuttings, so it may be best to consult a gardening guide before choosing, but some examples that do work are lavender and geraniums.

Add levels - Draw attention away from sparse flowerbeds or dull concrete by adding different sized plant pots, boulders in the garden and bright flowers in hanging baskets. You could even add a trellis and if you have the budget, create a path with either stone tiles or layers of small rocks.

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