Undergraduate Placements

On our Undergraduate Placement, successful candidates will gain exposure to a real business environment in a dedicated role. Working with a manager who will provide an insight into a chosen business area, they will set goals and measure performance against key competencies.

On a 12 month Undergraduate Placement with Newcastle Building Society, you will gain experience in a real business environment in a dedicated role. You will work with a manager who will provide an insight into your chosen business area, set goals and measure your performance against key competencies.

As a student you will have been at university for two years and will be looking for the right work placement to help you complete your degree. You’ll be the best in your class, highly motivated and enjoy coming up with fresh ideas and new ways of working.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and finding out more about how you’ll make a difference here at the Society.


Interested in a student Placement with NBS Group?

We asked our current Placement students about their time with the Society and what their key learning’s have been from their placement year so far. Read below what each one has to say about the transferable skills they believe they will be able to take back to university.

• Hannah is studying Business and works in our HR department

• Chelsea is studying Economics and is working in our Finance department

• Marion is studying IT and is working in our IT department

• Charlotte is studying Accounting and Finance and is in the Conduct Risk team

• Adam is studying Business and is in our Marketing department


What’s the best thing about your role as a Student Placement?

Hannah - The best thing about my HR Student Placement is that is has given me the opportunity to apply the theory I have learnt at University into real life work situations and I have gained transferable skills.  For example, I can see how Newcastle Building Society runs on a day to day basis, and understand why certain things are done in certain ways to benefit the business.  I would recommend a placement to everyone who gets the opportunity.

In terms of HR and placement, I have gained a wider knowledge of my degree and feel like I have been treated as a true member of staff, as I have been given a number of responsibilities and tasks to complete on a daily basis. I feel comfortable asking questions and enjoy the friendly working environment.

Chelsea - The best thing about my role is being given the freedom to manage my own time and tasks but also working with the team as they are all very friendly and helpful.

Marion - For me, the best thing is I am exposed to the real world IT problems/issues and it is not all simulations like at university.

Charlotte - The best thing about my role is the level of responsibility given to me from day one. After a few weeks of training at the start of my placement, I am trusted to undertake tasks and solve problems independently. Due to the nature of my role in compliance, I am involved with a variety of business areas which has given me an insight into the business as a whole and increased my understanding of financial institutions.  The Society also has a very friendly working environment.

Adam - The best thing about working at NBS is the friendliness of everyone within the business. From the first day of working here all departments and branch staff I have worked with have been welcoming and supportive. I feel comfortable asking about things I am unsure about as I have been made to feel welcome and it is a friendly environment.  Additionally, I have been given a good level of responsibility and I am currently working on two projects, one of which I am leading.

What do you think you have learnt on your placement that you couldn’t have learnt at university?

Hannah - I have learnt numerous things, such as how to adapt to working in an ‘office based culture’ and creating working relationships with fellow colleagues. I have also had the opportunity to witness how meetings are conducted, work in a team with other colleagues when completing tasks and work independently on HR Administration projects, seeing them through from beginning to end. I am confident that I can apply all of these skills and experiences to my future career and degree.

I have had the opportunity to visit Student Fairs and speak to other students who are interested in a placement role. I also attended a two day course on management training which I considered beneficial and really useful for my future career.

I also have had to be more disciplined in everyday life when working full time and I have become much more organised.

When I go back to University and start my dissertation, I am hoping to incorporate what I have learned during my placement year and focus my dissertation subject on aspects on Newcastle Building Society.

Chelsea - I have learnt how to apply what I have learnt at University in real life and I am gaining some practical experience.

Marion - So far, in my four months as a Service Desk Technician, I have learnt to be more organised and prioritise workload. I think I couldn’t have learnt at university the network structure of the computer network of a building society because at university, it is all small to medium scale simulation and not like NBS’ full size real network.

Charlotte - Working from 9-5 has taught me to work for long periods of time without losing concentration or motivation; I think this will help me when I return to stage 3. It has given me experience in an office environment which I would not have learnt at university. I now feel prepared to apply for graduate jobs as I have relevant experience to discuss in interviews, it has also helped me realise what area I want to work in once I graduate.

Adam - At university you are taught about theories although you never really get a chance to see how they are applied. However since being on the placement   I have been able to see things which I have learnt at university be put into practise and how the business incorporates things, such as marketing tools, into their daily tasks. Additionally, I’ve been able to get the experience of working in a full-time job with set working hours.

What advice would you give to someone who was considering applying for a placement with Newcastle Building Society?

Hannah - The advice I would give to someone when applying for a placement at NBS is to do your research on the business and be aware of what NBS has to offer and in order to understand if the company suits your preferences.  Be aware that a placement is a year long and can be hard work but also rewarding as it helps build your confidence and work ethic hugely.

Make sure you are aware of what you can gain from a placement and have an insight and what you want to gain from the year. Speak to career advisers or your University tutor as they can provide an opinion on what they think would suit your career path.

Chelsea - I would say that it is definitely worth applying for and to make sure they take the time to do it.

Marion - I would advise them to go for it and if they got an offer I would say to grab it straight away because I believe they would learn a lot and would enjoy their time with NBS because I am enjoying it.

Charlotte - Research the area you are applying for, keep up to date and be aware of news and events that affect the financial services industry and your specific business area.

Research the company before you apply and think of specific reasons why you want to work for Newcastle Building Society. It is a mutual society and is run entirely for the benefit of the members; students should share this mindset and want to achieve the best outcomes for customers irrespective of the area you are applying for.

Adam - From the few months I have been here, I feel it is a great place to work. The staff are friendly and the tasks I have been given are rewarding. There are several benefits from working here – other than the experience and pay, you can receive discounts on events and there are many opportunities within the business. The role of the placement is very diverse – you could be making posters for branches or setting up events for 3rd parties.

If you’re going to apply, try and do something that will make yourself stand out from others  but most importantly, be yourself.

What skills do you hope to take back to university next year?

Hannah - The placement has given me a chance to develop my soft skills, such as meeting deadlines, working on projects in teams and building my confidence. I can use these skills at University when working in group projects.

I think my work will improve as I will be able to use practical experiences and understand the relevance of what subject I am talking about. Secondly, I will be used to focusing on my work and completing it within a certain time period, as these are crucial aspects on a job.

Chelsea - I hope that I will have practical skills to take back as well as better time management and a higher work ethic which will help when going back to university.

Marion - I’m hoping to take back a more in-depth knowledge and skill about Computer Networks after my time with Infrastructure Services next year.

Charlotte - I have been asked to give presentations, write papers to be sent to other business areas, and to host meetings with other business areas, all of which have improved my confidence which will help me in my final year and also when applying for graduate jobs.

I believe my work ethic has already improved significantly just 3 months into my placement and I hope this will help during my final year.

This placement has also improved my time management skills which will be very helpful when it comes to university deadlines and exams.

I have also had opportunity to work with a range of people and to develop my communication and relationship building skills in a range of situations.

Adam - The biggest skill I’ll be able to take away from my placement is being organised. Having to carry out tasks from various different people to a strict time frame was challenging at first, however I have improved this considerably. I can now prioritise my time well so that tasks are completed on time to a high standard.  I will be able to transfer this skill over when I start my final year at university and when I am completing assignments. Furthermore, being in contact with suppliers on a daily basis has improved my communication skills. I feel that I am more comfortable speaking to those I am not familiar with, which will help me when working in groups or delivering presentations.