Day in the Life of... Learning & Development Undergraduate Placement

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The Learning and Development team is responsible for the continuous training and development of staff through various interventions, inductions, e-learning, further education and coaching, as well as providing training, competence supervision and project work determined by the HR Strategy.

My role within the department ranges from supporting members of the team by doing administration tasks for example making sure the training schedule is up to date, creating course sessions and doing the enrolments. In addition, I provide excellent and prompt customer service to all L&D stakeholders and maintain the booking system for training rooms and hotels. The project that I am currently involved with is evaluating of induction courses; this will be looking for the trends, improvements and the efficiency of the course, doing this has helped with my evaluating/analysing skills.

I am greatly enjoying my role within Learning and Development and working with a great team/department; overall it has been a wonderful learning experience so far. I have developed my skills as well as confidence due to the responsibilities and from the support from my department. My professional skills have greatly been improving for example interpersonal skills, IT skills, awareness and attention to detail. Being on this placement and working in the Society has given me a better understanding of what I’d like to do after I graduate as it has given me the inspiration to pursue a career in Human Resources Training/Learning and Development.