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Day in the Life of... Marketing Undergraduate Placement

Read more about the average day of our Marketing Undergraduate Placement.

The Marketing department is made up of two teams: Marketing Communications and Product Development. I mainly work on projects within the Communications section of the department; however I am currently working on a number of tasks across all areas of Marketing.

My job primarily involves co-ordinating the campaigns from start to finish. From the planning stages, the campaigns launch, through to post-campaign. My responsibilities throughout campaigns include; completing literature sign-offs, ordering, and various other tasks to ensure the campaign is successful.

Throughout the time I have spent at the Society I have worked on a number of projects. One of which includes a Christmas game for the intermediary section of the business. The game was a way to engage with mortgage brokers at a time when their workload isn’t too high; it was also a creative method of raising awareness of the intermediary brand and creating relationships with new mortgage brokers. As part of this task I briefed the agency so that they had an understanding of what we wanted to accomplish, I also wrote a marketing strategy which included some targets that I wanted to achieve.

In addition to this I have assisted with the launch of the refurbished branches. Various branches have been updated in the short time I have spent at the Society; meaning that the organisation and planning of the launches is continuous. This is an ideal opportunity to engage with customers and highlight the Society’s focus on community. Within the team I look for creative ways to interact with customers, I am also responsible for ordering anything required for the official launch event and assisting on the day.

In the forthcoming months I will be working on various tasks, including the organisation of the AGM. The event is held once a year to inform members of the financial position of the business. In addition to this I will be looking to develop my experience of direct marketing, undertaking my own mailing campaign and increasing my understanding of the process end-to-end. In conjunction with this I will be establishing my knowledge of social media, raising my awareness of the strategy involved and being responsible for posting items.