Savings Accounts

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions regarding our savings accounts. For more information please contact us.

How can I withdraw from my account? What is an ISA? Who do I make cheques payable to? What happens to my cheque when it is invested in my Newcastle Account? Why should I take out an ISA? Who will the cheque be made payable to? How long does it take to transfer funds to my nominated bank account? Who can provide an ISA? How soon can I withdraw against a cheque investment? Why do you insist on 4 days before withdrawals are allowed? How many types of ISA are available and how much can I invest in each? Do you offer a faster payment facility? Do you offer a CHAPS facility? What if I need to stop a cheque? What is a flexible ISA? What if I lose a cheque you have issued? Can I open both a stocks and shares ISA and a cash ISA? What are the bank account details that I need to use for funding the account? Can I transfer my ISA savings? What would happen if my cheque was returned unpaid? What is Confirmation of Payee? What if I forget to cash a cheque issued by Newcastle Building Society? How do I transfer savings from my Stocks and Shares ISA to a Cash ISA with the Newcastle? Can I send in a cheque to fund my account? Can I change from a single to a joint account? Who can tell me about ISAs? What is a "bounced cheque" and how quickly are you notified of these? Why am I charged for an unpaid cheque? How much do I have to invest in my ISA? Can I change from a joint to a single account? Can you send correspondence to another address? How can I open an ISA? It wasn't my cheque, why have you charged me? My cheque has been debited from my bank account, why can't I withdraw against this? Can I open a joint ISA? I have changed address, what do I need to do? I’ve recently got married, what do I need to do to change my account details? What are Stakeholder Standards? Can I make a withdrawal against an uncleared cheque? When will the society use cheque imaging? Do I have to invest with the same ISA Manager each year? How can I change my e-mail address? When will I start to earn interest on my account? What period does the tax year cover? What happens if I pay into too many ISAs? When will you inform me of rate changes? Can I change from monthly to annual interest (or vice versa)? What happens if I'm physically unable to sign the ISA forms? Can I invest funds on behalf of someone who is mentally incapable of handling their own affairs? Is it possible to receive my interest by cheque? Can I change the bank account I have setup for interest payments? What is a Junior Cash ISA? How do I use my spouse’s ISA allowance on their death? Why do companies check identity? Will the identity search affect my credit history? What happens after I have applied for an account online? Why am I being asked to provide certain information about me and my tax residence status I have submitted my application online; can I cancel as I have changed my mind? Am I able to transfer funds from my building society account to a bank account? What is the maximum withdrawal I can make in branch? Will I need to take identification with me when I want to make a withdrawal in a branch? Is there a charge for cheque withdrawals? Who do I make the cheque payable to? How long will it take for my cheque to clear? Do I have to come into branch to make a withdrawal? Can I have a interest statement for my account? Can I make a withdrawal without my passbook? Is it possible for somebody else other than account holders to transact on my account on my behalf? Following a third party withdrawal why does the cheque need to be sent in the post? What if my passbook/card is lost or stolen? Can I pay bills from my account? Can I have money paid into my account? Where can I find help on using my online Newcastle Building Society Savings account? Why doesn’t the Society tell all customers about new accounts that pay a higher rate? Why are Newcastle Building Society interest rates lower than other providers?